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Announcing Updated and New Immersions



After four years in development, the Government Accountability Office published its first comprehensive Special Project Report on the application and issues surrounding cost estimating and analysis practices on Federal programs. This 1 Day executive education event is designed to provide attendees with an overview of the best practices outlined by the Guide and the Audit Standards that it defines for Agencies.

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Awareness overview of GAO standards for developing cost estimates in the Government program setting. Attendees will understand best practice guidelines and audit criteria used for GAO program reviews and audits of cost credibility. The GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide has implemented a four-aspect set of criteria for scoring program cost credibility that applies to all manner of Government programs. This course emphasizes estimating in a Civilian Agency setting and also IT-related programs.

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Awareness overview of GAO standards for enhancing point estimates through analysis of risk and uncertainty. GAO best practices require risk–adjusted life cycle cost and program segment cost estimates. Attendees will understand concepts related to sensitivity analysis, risk and uncetainty. This course also describes GAO best practices for documenting and presenting cost estimating results to management.

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One of the key tenets of the GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide is the requirement to establish and maintain an integrated Cost Estimating and Earned Value Management information processing environment. The objective behind these best practices is to create an environment where estimates are refreshed and kept current. This course addresses the challenges and strategies related to achieving both organizational and technical integration of these essential program management disciplines.

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Following initial release of the Cost Guide in 2009, GAO has begun to address shortcomings and evaluation criteria related to Integrated Master Schedule Best Practices. This course provides an overview of GAO standards for scheduling. Attendees will understand current and future directions related to GAO program reviews and audits of integrated master schedules. GAO has implemented a nine-point criteria list as a guide to examining program capability in the area of schedule best practice.

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.... At CPIC Solutions

Our objective is to provide federal, state, and local government planners and managers effective and simple access to the best technology solutions and methodologies unique to Capital Planning and Investment Control needs.

Our approach is simple - we apply experience, resources, strategic partnerships and some innovative approaches of our own invention to deliver you the -

best practices, best technologies, best expertise


when compliance is no longer enough...

People want to understand and apply best practices. Planning better and managing better generally go hand-in-hand. Applying these principles does not have to be so complicated or expensive that passing a compliance test becomes the only reachable goal. To often that has been the case in the past....


CPIC Solutions offers new approaches to professional development and mastering best practices for capital planning and investment control including:

CPIC IMMERSION™ - offerings designed to accelerate professional development through faster, more practical sessions applying select analytical tools within best-practice frameworks and under the guidance of CPIC Subject Matter Experts (SMEs).

CPIC DIRECTOR™ - a modular web-enabled approach to best practices when compliance is no longer your only goal. CPIC Director™ helps you establish order; and, enables a quicker option to improve processes, increase repeatability and maximize the capabilities of your resources. CPIC Director™ helps you focus on the essential elements of best practice-based methods for your business, increase re-use of CPIC information artifacts, and support end-to-end CPIC business processes.

CPIC ON-DEMAND™ - customized access to solutions and resources needed for your Capital Planning and Investment Control challenges. Because the most sophisticated solution isn't always the best solution, CPIC Solutions’ On-Demand™ approach matches tools with necessity. Small organizations and part-time users can design answers to their need for CPIC analytical processing and support without adding unnecessary software assets, training and maintenance overheads.


PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT - CPIC Solutions offers a series of educational offerings with a range of accredited Continuous Learning Points (CLP) towards FAC-C, FAC-COTR or FAC-P/PM certification, JFMIP core competencies and government-related Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credits required for many government auditors. We follow competency-based learning principles and our courses feature high proportions of hands-on practical exercises to improve the learning experience.

SUBJECT MATTER EXPERTISE - our specialty is public sector capital planning and investment control. Our principals and partners have deep experience in the foundation skills essential to CPIC honed over decades of field practice. We have been active contributors to essential policy and standards including the GAO Cost Estimating and Assessment Guide (GAO-09-3sp), U.S. Earned Value Management Standards (ANSI-748(B)), as well as international EVM Standards (AS4817).


What is CPIC?

Capital Planning and Investment Control (CPIC) is a structured, integrated approach to managing information technology (IT) investments. It is the primary process for making investment decisions, assessing investment process effectiveness, and refining investment related policies and procedures. It ensures that all IT investments align with the agency’s mission and support business needs while minimizing risks and maximizing returns through the investment’s lifecycle. CPIC is mandated by the Clinger-Cohen Act which requires government agencies to use a disciplined process to acquire, use, maintain and dispose of information technology (IT). CPIC relies on a systematic approach to IT investment management in three distinct phases: Select, Control and On-Going Evaluation, to ensure each investment’s objectives support the business and mission needs of the Agency."

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